Website Design

Are you planning to develop a website for your business? It’s necessary to understand the characteristics that can make or break effectiveness. A poorly designed website may hurt your business.

By keeping all these requirements in mind, we make a very nice, clean, professional-looking web site.

During website design our designers understand the importance of good use of color, easily readable text, meaningful graphics, use of quality photography, User friendly design.

Success of a website also depend on its degree of usability which are discussed below

Simplicity :-The best way to attract visitors to your website is through valuable unique and relevant contents in website, attractive design, neat and clean appearance

Fast loading :-The page should load quickly otherwise you will lose visitors on your site.

Descriptive Link :-Long link text give visitors to find their way around site and these are also favored by Search Engines.

Multiple Browser Compatibility :-Website should design in such a manner so that it may support by standard browsers.

Screen Resolution :-Screen resolution varies in different computers. Most of the web user uses a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

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